We will not settle for sub-standard. We only like to use the best materials and have something to offer everyone – if your budget won’t cater to plywood then why not opt for MDF? We aren’t in the business of slandering either plywood or MDF – both have their advantages! Just rest assured that we use the finest quality MDF with low levels of formaldehyde and our birch ply is always FSC certified Grade S+/BB (this just means it’s the highest quality commercially available and gives a consistent look).

MDF (that’s Medium Density Fibreboard) is a great option for those with a tighter budget.  MDF is very stable and will not warp, expand or contract in changes in temperature or humidity. Made from very fine particles, this gives a grain free silky smooth finish to paint onto – there’s a reason why so many people use MDF for their kitchen cabinet doors! Our MDF is always low formaldehyde and of the highest quality.

Birch Plywood provides a subtle, yet beautiful grain texture whether lacquered or painted. Durable and strong, there’s no surprise it is a very popular choice to use within kitchens. Whilst Birch Plywood has slightly lower levels of chemical emissions, particularly the organic compound formaldehyde, no timber is completely VOC free.


From an environmental viewpoint, Birch is found in abundance throughout most of Northern Europe, Russia and Canada – being a fast-growing species and managed as a sustainable forest resource, this does not negatively impact on biodiversity (yay, happy trees!) Trust us, our Birch Ply is always the highest grade commercially available, Grade S+/BB.

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